Work Shop Details

      Interested in learning more about photographing marine wildlife? Join me for an excursion on the ocean as a one on one photography workshop.

We will take a ride on a whale watch trip with Discovery Whale Watch departing from Monterey Harbor.

On board we will cover the basics of photography, photo editing and best strategies and settings to capture stunning images of Whales, Dolphins and any other marine life we come across. 

In addition to photographing while out on the boat trip we will cover the following concepts and topics:

-How To Build Social Brand

-How to edit photos using lightroom / lightroom basics (We will edit your shots together)

I recommend having telephoto lens with at least 200mm for photographing marine life.


Time & Schedule


8:30AM meet at

9:00AM trip departs from the Discovery Whale Watch office. As the boat leaves we will go over photography basics such as: Aperture, Shutterspeed, ISO, Camera Modes while leaving the dock.

While we are searching for our first sightings on board, we will talk about what to expect when photographing whales, dolphins, and other marine life and how to anticipate certain behaviors from the animals.

On our way in on the boat, we will go over Social Media Platforms and how to best utilize them when building your photography brand. 

I will edit a few of your shots with you and show you how to bring the most out of you photograph! 

1:00PM arrive back at Discovery Whale Watch ready to conquer your photography dreams!

Workshop price is $200 + The price of the whale watch trip you choose.

Look forward to working with you. If you have any questions don't hesitate to send me an email first.