Whale Watch Photography Workshop!

Are you interested in learning more about photographing marine life such as whales, dolphins, sea-lions, and birds?

I will take you on a whale watch trip departing from Monterey, Ca.

Monterey has some of the most diverse marine life that frequently visits the bay because of its huge canyon and its nutrient rich waters where all the animals feed.

I wanna take you out and explore this wild place while sharing my knowledge of photography and the animals with you.

(3-4 hour whale watch trip)

  • Camera basics iso, aperture, shutter speed.

  • Camera Modes.

  • How to better anticipate animal behaviors.

  • Lightroom Basics for editing photos.

  • Instagram Tips.

  • Any questions you have about photography.

workshop price is $300 and includes the whale watch trip.

If you would like to further discuss booking a workshop email me at SlaterMoorePhotography@gmail.com