We left the Harbor at 9:00AM this morning. I was walking around the boat talking to everybody about how nice the sea conditions were and how the fog was burning off.. and I kept filming the water because of how calm it was. We went and looked at Humpback Whales feeding over in front of Moss Landing and then we got a call from another boat about a couple Humpback Whales and a Blue Whale further out in the canyon. We went out to the canyon to check it out. Then we saw the Largest Animal on earth and if that wasn't already cool enough... Then we saw it Feed.... from the drone! This is by far one of the coolest things I have ever filmed from the drone. It was an absolute incredible time aboard the Sur Randy this morning.



I Made a Montage video of Killer Whales

I read that it was Orca awareness month and it motivated me to make a video of past encounters. The video has Transient Killer whales and Offshore Killer Whales..

The Offshore Killer whales are a bit smaller and can be seen in pods of more than 45 Killer whales. Here's a link to learn more about the different types of ORCAS.    ORCA TYPES

June 1st

Went out on the 9:00AM trip today with Discovery Whale Watch. We had 6+ Humpback whales. The fog was pretty thick but we still managed to have an awesome trip! 

Humpback Fluking in the Fog!

Humpback Fluking in the Fog!

May 31st Whale Watching trip

We left a 9:00am drove over to Moss Landing and ended up seeing 5-6 Humpback Whales

4 Whales came right to the boat one dove underneath and came right back out the back of the boat.. another whale blew right into the wind and soaked everyone of us on the stern(back) of the boat! it was a great day whale watching... with Discovery Whale Watch

Two Humpback Whales Fluking!

Two Humpback Whales Fluking!

May 29th Whale Watching

I went out whale watching with  Discovery Whale Watch. It was a beautiful morning out on the water! We saw 20 Humpback Whales, 10 Risso's Dolphins, 250 Pacific White-sided Dolphins, 25 Northern Right Whale Dolphins... Lots of Lunge feeding and surface activity going on!